Poem in Your Pocket FREEBIE & An Exciting Announcement!

Hi Friends! Long time no blog, but luckily for you, this news is worth waiting for! I am excited to announce the launch of Educents marketplaces! A site that has previously offered seriously discounted deals for teachers will now feature individual storefronts where you can visit your favorite edu-preneurers!

I have been featuring deals and products on Educents for the past few months, and am so excited about the teachers who have come together to offer their products on this wonderful site.

To get started, please visit my storefront HERE where you can find a variety of items that are discounted to celebrate this grand opening!

You can also click the picture below or this link to download my Poem in Your Pocket FREEBIE to celebrate April's Poetry Month and Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 30th).

With this pack, students will create a wearable pocket, write poetry using templates, share original poems, and conduct poetry interviews! Check it out!

One more thing you won't want to miss---until April 12, visit this link for a chance to win $50 in Edubucks! This will buy you a TON, so I urge you to check it out :) Happy exploring!

Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #10 - Kinder & First Grade Stores


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